10 Biggest Vendors on Crypto Market

Dark Web marketplaces have a variety of vendors and a wide range of products; these are the top 10 vendors at Crypto Market.

As many may have heard, and despite a number of cynical rumors that have been circulating on the internet these last few weeks, Crypto Market is back online. It is not yet known why it was down and whether the admins have made any improvements regarding the safety of their customers while Crypto Market was down. Users around the world certainly hope so.

It’s been said that Crypto Market is the fastest growing market on the Deep Web, and at the moment of writing this article, there were close to 70K listings available. For reference and comparison, less than a year ago there were around 20K listings on Crypto Market. So, the remark about its lightning-fast growth has an element of truth to it at the very least.

The Crypto Market community has a body of dedicated admins, hundreds of trusted vendors, and thousands of their customers.

But, who are the big fish in Crypto Market? Who are the biggest vendors and what is the secret of their success?

Biggest Vendors on Crypto Market

With Crypto Market, all positive and negative scores are counted towards the vendor’s overall mark and vendors advance to the next level after a certain number of successful transactions.

These are some of the most successful sellers:

  1. Awwwone

The person(s) behind this name has the greatest number of positive reviews on Crypto Market (16920) and very few negative reviews (92). The vendor is one of the few that has achieved Level 6 on the Crypto Market’s level program. This vendor has a ‘NO PGP FOR MESSAGES’ policy, which is rather unusual, since most vendors on Crypto Market prefer to do business with the highest precaution measures in line.

In his 120 listings, he mostly sells accounts and digital items, such as eBooks and tutorials. Awwwone offers accounts for numerable porn websites across the world, with a rather impressive list.

His items are also quite affordable – from $2 for premium accounts on porn websites to less than a dollar for eBooks such as ‘Hitman Manual’ or ‘The Anarchist Cookbook+++’, for example. Tutorials are likewise less than a dollar. But there are, of course, items that only those with deeper pockets will be able to afford – a Teamskeet Porn account priced at $649, for example.

Awwwone’s customers are generally pleased not just with the service they received, but also with the quality of his items, with the exception of a few customers who either received wrong accounts, invalid accounts, or proved simply unresponsive to customers’ requests.

  1. etimbuk

This vendor is one of the most active vendors on Crypto Market, although customers wouldn’t be able to say that based only on his profile – which doesn’t look like it has been updated for at least a year or so.

He is the second most successful vendor on Crypto Market with 99% positive reviews (14834 positive and only 153 negative ones).

Similar to the previous vendor, his listings fall mostly under eBook and Digital product categories. Unlike the first-ranked seller, though, etimbuk offers a much greater number of listings – 2116, that he ships worldwide.

Most of this vendor’s lists are priced at $1, while eBooks and tutorials vary from $3 to $10 – many of which being guides on how to make profit on Social Media quickly. The vendor also provides SEO services and placing websites on the first page on Google for just $100. One of the more interesting listings is to remove all negative feedback from Google, costing the customer $700.

Customers are mostly satisfied with the service, especially with promptness of the vendor and the quality of the items, having said that an eBook was “enjoyable to read” and stating that the vendor is “awesome and highly recommended.” Those unsatisfied with the service state that his products are outdated, inapplicable, or their order never arrived. One of the most often accusations placed at etimbuk’s doors is that the customer service is either not helpful or the customers are put on “ignore” by the customer service.

  1. amsterdam2015

If customers are into somewhat different merchandise – drugs, for example – they will find the most extensive offerings at amsterdam2015’s shop. The vendor has reached Level 6 on Crypto Market, with 96% positive feedback, offers anything from Cocaine, MDMA, and Heroin to Hashish. The number of listings he offers is 84.

Apart from standard listings, the vendor also offers sales with lower price on some items. So, a customer could get 1gr of Pure Uncut Cocaine for $55 in December, and 2gr of the same product for $123.5 throughout the year. On some listings, a customer may also get a certain amount of product extra which can be higher depending on the amount ordered. MDMA Crystals are $20 per gram and 1gr of Crack Cocaine is $55. Heroin is slightly pricier going at $43.5 per gram.

amsterdam2015 ships from the Netherland to anywhere in the world and, besides escrow, allows FE payment.

The vendor is rather precise in his promises of the the delivery within the Nederland the following day, but he also estimates the delivery of his items in some other countries, which is likely quite fast. Should anything happen to the website, amsterdam2015 has a backup plan so the business and his customers don’t suffer – the vendor keeps the email he uses in these emergencies on his website page.

Most customers are satisfied with the service, stating in their reviews how many days it took for the order to arrive; they praise the response time of the team and the quality of the goods. Others are not very pleased with the speed of delivery, stating that it took more than a month for the order to arrive or it never did. Unsatisfied customers report that the customer service is utterly unresponsive, that they received something other than they ordered, the quality of the item wasn’t as advertised, and other complaints along those lines.

  1. Bird

An interesting vendor who has reached Level 5 in Crypto Market, Bird, has some issues with spiteful customers who allegedly leave negative feedback on purpose and unjustifiably. On his Crypto Market page, he promises that he is “a really honest vendor” who has never scammed anybody.

This vendor has only 8 listings, all of which are cocaine going at $55 per gram – which seems quite affordable compared to other vendors’ prices. All his cocaine is of 90% purity.

He ships from Spain to anywhere in the world and allows FE payment. As for the communication, in the case of bulk purchases, the customer is required to PGP encrypt their message; otherwise, it is not necessary. Bird can also be found on Dream Market and Silkkitie Market.

As for feedback, Bird has 97% positive reviews, with 8486 positive and 298 negative reviews. Those positive reviews mostly praise the quality of the product, but also the reliability of the vendor and the speed of delivery. They have even gone so far as to appeal to those that leave negative feedback on purpose to stop doing that, inviting them to “think about 500,000 times before doing a review incorrect.”

Those who leave negative reviews mostly complain that the order never got through to them and that the vendor is unresponsive. One customer even said that the cocaine he received wasn’t pure as advertised. Another buyer, based on his own experience, warns users against FE with this vendor.


With 6945 positive and 109 negative reviews, MARKOPOLO420 is one of the highest ranking vendors on Crypto Market. Although he hasn’t been on Crypto Market for very long, he has already achieved Level 5 with a 98% satisfaction rate. Apparently the vendor is quite experienced in the business, having been in this line of work for 8 years.

The main merchandise of MARKOPOLO420 is Uncut Cocaine 98%, Medical Indoor Marijuana, and Xanax 2mg; but he also sells Meth and Heroin (although, at the time of writing this article, the latter 2 were not in offer).

In his shop, Xanax goes at $20 for 10 2mg-tablets, cocaine at $60 per gram, and marijuana at around $15 per gram depending on the type and the amount. There are 31 listings in his shop.

On MARKOPOLO420’s Crypto Market profile page, there are clear instructions for all his customers – to not bother the vendor with silly questions. The vendor also includes links to the most important tutorials, and unlike previous vendors, he even offers tracking number for disputed shipments(otherwise the vendor advises to contact him and he will check the order in question).

Customers mostly praise the vendor’s professionalism – fast delivery and product quality. What is found missing is better responsiveness from the vendor. Still, one user has remarked that less talk usually means more business, and highly recommended MARKOPOLO420. Negative comments mostly concern the vendor’s poor communication skills and some reports that orders never arrived.

  1. g00d00

This vendor is a member of Silk Road League, which is a group of vendors recommended by Silk Road. And indeed, he has achieved Level 5 on Crypto Market and out of 6305 reviews, the vendor hasn’t received any negative reviews. Perhaps it’s related to the warning on their market page which says “IF YOU PUT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK MY TEAM WILL FIND AND KILL YOU!!! We are coming…” Although it may be taken as a joke, perhaps his customers on Crypto Market have taken this warning a little too seriously.

Regarding the merchandise, g00d00 mostly sells cocaine, MDMA, Hashish, Ketamine, Kerosene, and the like. The team behind the username claim in their presentation on the website that their goods may be a bit pricier than other similar merchandise available on the market, but that’s because their products are of the highest quality. Many customers have confirmed this to be true.

Prices for the products include $33 per gram of MDMA, $45 per gram of Ketamine, $23 per gram of Hashish, and $85 per gram of HQ Cocaine.

The vendor ships from Italy to anywhere in the world (except India), taking great care about packaging and stealth. The vendor offers refunds, reships, and even tracking of the package.

  1. buddhashop

This is one diverse shop on Crypto Market, offering all kinds of drugs in only 35 listings – from amphetamine, ACID, LSD, and MDMA to Marijuana, Steroids, and Meth. Buddhashop is Level 5 vendor with 91% positive feedback (6204 positive and 550 negative ones). Unlike other drug vendors, their website page looks rather empty featuring only advice on how to contact them for cooperation or quantity discount and their PGP public key.

The vendor’s prices seem quite affordable – a customer can get 1g of Crystal Meth for $39, 1g of DL-Amphetamine for $35, LSD for $8, and 1g of Marijuana for $11.

The team is from Germany and they ship all over the world. They accept escrow payment on all products, and also FE on certain products (LSD and Steroids). Free shipping is offered for certain products.

Some customers of this shop report that the packaging was torn and that the item leaked out leaving only a fraction of the order within; others say that the product was wet and of low quality, that they didn’t receive the amount they ordered, and similar complaints. Positive comments state the opposite – they praise the quality and the speed of delivery. Whatever the case, buddhashop can definitely boast with the amount of regular and returning customers.

  1. CabaxIV

CabaxIV is another vendor who has reached Level 5 in the Crypto Market level program, having 99% positive feedback from his customers. He accepts escrow payment and offers free shipping for his merchandise, and he ships from his ‘database’ – which we can assume is the Nederland (since he speaks 2 languages – English and Dutch). We assume that he urges his customers to leave a private message about the locations he ships to.

This vendor offers mostly accounts, including Netflix, PayPal, and several premium porn accounts. One of the things CabaxIV emphasizes on his profile page is that he offers ‘lifetime warranty’ on all his items.

That said, many customers have complained about the ‘lifetime warranty’ CabaxIV offers, saying that the vendor either never replied to their messages after an account they bought had stopped working or that it was the customer’s fault it didn’t work.

Another thing the vendor claims is that his prices are affordable and, indeed, customers can find some porn accounts and Netflix accounts for less than a dollar. Alternatively, customers will have to part with $9 if they want high level USA credit cards, although PayPal accounts go for as little as $5.

Those who have left positive reviews praise the vendor’s delivery speed.

  1. sinatra2002

Another Dutch vendor at Level 5 on Crypto Market has a 97% positive feedback (with 192 negative reviews) and offers only 3 products in 25 listings – Heroin, Cocaine and MDMA. Price for each depends on the amount you order and whether you finalize early or pay an escrow. This vendor offers free shipping and FE for certain listings.

As for the customers’ satisfaction rate, many people report that the quality of products is ‘superb’, that the delivery time was fast, and that the vendor ‘did everything he could to make me happy’ – which is not so common to come across in these waters. Negative reviews were mostly reports that, outside of Europe, this vendor ‘doesn’t do a good job of getting you your stuff’; there were some mixed orders according to several customers. But, all in all, sinatra2002’s shop mostly has returning and satisfied clientele.

  1. monarchx2

Another Silk Road League member and another Crypto Market vendor with 100% positive feedback, monarchx2 is apparently facing some issues on Crypto Market, seeing that his account is (at the moment of writing this article) ‘under investigation’.

In his 64 listings, this vendor mostly caters to the Money, Accounts, Services and Software categories, offering verified accounts on PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards, funded Amazon accounts, etc. So, a customer can get a PayPal account with $100 balance for just $15 or Wells Fargo Bank login with $1000 balance at $25. Amongst services, monarchx2 offers to obtain ‘Amazon Refund Services’ for mere $25 or PayPal transfer $1000 for $200. Customers don’t have to go through all his listings in order to find what they are looking for, as the vendor lists direct links to his most sought-out listings on his Crypto Market profile page.

As said above, the comments are largely positive; one customer has even reported that this vendor has made him a lot of money. The user community considers the vendor trustworthy and precise when it comes to the quality of the service or the product, with the most common word describing the service being ‘perfect’. Negative comments report that the account(s) didn’t work or that they were empty.


So, there it is – the 10 biggest vendors on Crypto Market. One might think that drug vendors have the busiest time on Crypto Market when, in fact, vendors that cater Money and Accounts categories are mostly in demand there.

The 10 biggest vendors on Crypto Market. One might think that drug vendors have the busiest time on Crypto Market

No matter the vendor or the product, there are always satisfied and not-so-satisfied customers that praise or objurgate the same factors – delivery time, customer support, and quality of the merchandise. On the other hand, when buying anything from any Deep Web marketplace such as Crypto Market, customers should always expect some problems to appear sooner or later.

Disclaimer: Things change rather quickly on Crypto Market, numbers especially; so the above count of positive/negative reviews may change by the time you visit the marketplace.