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Crypto Market, online since early 2015, is one of the biggest darknet markets currently live on the dark web.

Similar to others before it, Crypto Market contains accounts of vendors and buyers selling both legal and illegal items and services on the hidden internet, only accessible by Tor.

Today’s article outlines some of the features of Crypto Market, and what they mean for users of the online marketplace.

Crypto Market is from the same team as Silk Road 3

You might notice when you start out on Crypto Market that there’s a lot of overlap with Silk Road 3 (if you are at all familiar with this other site).

This is indeed true. Crypto Market is brought to you by the same people who brought Silk Road 3 into existence, presumably, as the double redundant market should either of the two fail or be seized.

You’ll also notice if you have a browse around on Crypto Market that the two darknet markets share a forum together. This means that some of the information contained within may only be applicable to Silk Road 3.

Remember to check each post to make sure that it applies to you.

Website login phishing check

These days, it’s not uncommon for scammers to set up fake darknet market sites that look exactly like the real deal in order to steal your login details, head over to the real site, and steal the Bitcoins in your account.

How do they do this? By posting fake .onion links in reputable looking places in the hopes that you will follow the fake link instead of heading to the real site.

Often these phishing links can look fairly similar to the real site address – sometimes only a few characters different. It is for this reason that Crypto Market has a check that requires you to put in the character from the website address.

This way, you’ve got more peace of mind that you’re heading to the real site.

Hosted in Russia

Remember all the big busts that went down a few years ago; all the darknet markets seized by the FBI? Remember the “THIS HIDDEN SITE HAS BEEN SEIZED” scary banners?

Well, it turns out that certain countries have agreements with other countries about working together to take down various illegal operations including the running of darknet markets such as Silk Road.

Russia, however, has no such agreements with the US and operates fairly differently too much of the world. In fact, the way that Russia operates makes it a very clever spot to run and operate a darknet market such as Crypto Market from, due to the way the laws work there.

This is why the site is hosted in Russia. You will have to remember that no trade on Crypto Market may be made between Russian citizens, despite the service running out of the country.

Bitcoin operated market

Bitcoin operated
Bitcoin operated

Unlike other darknet markets, Crypto Market operates fully under the Bitcoin currency. While this may be annoying for some who prefer having multiple currencies to choose from due to market fluctuations, it really represents most buyers and vendors on the darknet.

Crypto Market always has up the top of the site how much 1 Bitcoin (BTC) is trading in US dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, and Russian Rubles. This is so you are assured of the current trading rate at sale time.

Private message shredding

To ensure that your privacy is taken serious, each of your private messages is automatically shredded every 28 days. Of course, you have the option to save these messages off if you need to; however, we aren’t all as security conscious as we should be.

The messages inbox also has the option to permanently delete all messages at once, should you feel the need to do so, or, of course, delete messages individually when you need to.

Escrow only or escrow plus finalize early (FE) vendor bond options

Under Crypto Market, you have the opportunity to purchase a regular vendor account for 0.11 BTC, which is around $70 USD at the time of printing, or 0.42 BTC for an upgraded vendor account, which would be around $267 USD at current market value.

Why the steep difference in the cost of each vendor account? That’s due to the type of payment you’re allowed to accept.

For a regular vendor account, you are only allowed to conduct escrow transactions, where a buyer’s Bitcoins are held in the Crypto Market escrow vault from the time of purchase until the goods arrive at their destination.

An upgraded vendor account allows the vendor to receive funds from a buyer instantly, bypassing the escrow system and going straight from buyer to vendor.

The rules

the rules

As with all of the darknet markets, Crypto Market carries its own unique set of rules. If you intend to buy and sell on Crypto Market, make sure that you follow the rules correctly to ensure that you don’t end up getting blocked from the site.

Crypto Market has the following rules:
• No weapons
• No explosives
• No terrorism
• No poison
• No illegal porn
• No sales in Russia, either from Russia or to Russia
• No carding of Russian citizens (credit card fraud that may be a component of listings)

The Crypto Market Russian rules, in particular, are to ensure that the site circumvents any illegal activity in Russia.

Over 95% uptime

In terms of Crypto Market’s uptime, it sits at a fairly stable 95%. This means that for every 20 hours of operation of the site, 1 hour of these will be downtime when the site is offline. Of course, that’s not the way that darknet markets operate.

In reality, downtimes are often for hours or even days at a time. Users often speculate during these downtimes that the site will never come back up.

We recommend you check your messages and noticeboards for any scheduled downtimes, and have backup accounts on other sites should Crypto Market not be available to use when you want it.


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