Dark Web Markets: Advantages And Disadvantages

What are Dark Web Marketplaces

The main reasons people buy products on the Dark Web are anonymity, convenience, and availability, but the downside is the potential trouble with the law.
The main reasons people buy products on the Dark Web are anonymity, convenience, and availability, but the downside is the potential trouble with the law.

Dark Web markets are places where customers can hire a hit man, buy drugs, guns, software, ebooks, fake passports, legal and illegal pornography, hacking tools, and much more – mostly illegal items.

The most popular Dark Web products are drugs.

Users can purchase every drug there is; from cannabis, cocaine, heroin, mushrooms, LSD, prescription drugs, etc.

The tricky part is that users can access Dark Web, only by using the Tor browser that provides anonymity by masking one’s IP address.

Just to make sure that the feds won’t be knocking on your door, you should use VPN protocol that will provide you with complete anonymity.

That way you will be safe while browsing the Dark Web.

Pros of Using Dark Web Marketplaces

  • Anonymity is one of the greatest benefits of the Darknet markets. Nobody has to know your name if you want to purchase an illegal item.
  • For instance, if users want to buy drugs on these anonymous online marketplaces, they will likely find cheaper products than the one on the streets. Also, vendors are willing to offer a discount if customers are buying in bulk.
  • No physical contact with vendors is another important reason why people choose Dark Web rather than buying products on the street. Users don’t have to be afraid that someone will see them or they’ll get arrested while buying the product.
  • You can buy many products that are not available in your country. Some items being sold on Darknet markets cannot be found in every country. Not easily, People can find almost every drug there is, and it is just one click away.
  • Convenience is another reason why people tend to order drugs and weapons from Darknet vendors. Users don’t have to look for a dealer or drive to buy the product. Everything they need can be done from the comfort of their home, and the product will arrive to your shipping address in no time.
  • The good thing about Darknet marketplaces is a strong community. Users can share their experience and give advice about certain vendor or

Cons of Using Dark Web Marketplaces



  • People who buy products on the Dark Web should always keep in mind that they can never be too safe and they can get into a lot of trouble with the law. For buying drugs, one can be fined and even end up in jail. You have to follow all of the guidelines regarding the Tor browser if you want to avoid getting arrested. Also, make sure to use proper VPN protocol. Nonetheless, if the user wants to buy a weapon to commit a terroristic act, they can end up in prison for life.
  • Customers can never be sure that the stuff they order is the stuff they’ll get. What they can do is order products from trustful
  • Storing money in online wallets is another downside of buying products on the Dark Web markets. Users should always keep their bitcoins in their personal wallets until they are ready to purchase an item.
  • Shipment seizing is always a risk factor if your order has to cross an international border. Also, the risk of you or your vendor getting caught increases.
  • There is a great possibility that occasional problems with some Dark Web marketsmight happen. Some markets can be down for a month.
  • Another downside of buying products on the Dark Web, especially drugs, is that you can never check the quality of the product. Once the product arrives, in most cases there is no way you can get your money back. The only thing you can do is to leave a negative review for the vendor.


If you want to purchase something on the Dark Web you should always weigh in possible consequences.

Even though it is not completely safe, and users can be punished if caught, millions of customersare still buying products on the Darknetmarketplaces.

The reason for that is anonymity and a wide range of available items.

If you want to be safe while browsing the Dark Web, you should always use proper VPN protocol, and follow all the guidelines that Tor recommends such as:

  • Don’t use your browser in full-screen

Don’t use Skype or any other program that can cause your IP address to leak.


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