How to Access Crypto Market

The Crypto Market is an online Darknet market where users can buy and sell legal and illegal goods and services. Crypto Market operates in a space known as the deep web, which is not accessible by the usual means of browsing the internet.

The Darknet market trades in all types of goods and services, such as drugs, hacked accounts for services such as Netflix and Amazon, tutorials, fake notes, and more.

Instead of using currency such as USD, the market trades only in Bitcoin, an online cryptocurrency that is very hard to trace.

Users connect to each other and set up anonymous trades, with the market acting as a third party to sort out any disputes – a lot like eBay or Amazon.

Today’s article looks at what you need to do to access Crypto Market and other online darkwebsites, and then how to access the market itself and sign up for your very own user account.

What do I need to access the deep web anonymously?

1. A VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, works to hide your internet traffic from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). It serves as a point to point encryption service, where any communications between your own computer and the VPN is hidden and cannot be viewed by other parties (not even your ISP). Find one here.

If you are serious about going onto the dark web then you need to know the risks and how to minimize those risks. Various government agencies have whole teams of hackers trying to bust users on the Dark Web, don’t make it easy for them. Not matter if you are buying a gram of marijuana or buying a stamp, you should take your anonymity very serious. Use a VPN along with TOR and you are already doing a lot more than the average Dark Net user and you will have double encryption, double anonymity and double the peace of mind.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you choose a VPN that does not log traffic, or identifying details, as these can identify you if their records are inacourt order. There are a huge number of VPN services available to choose from, unfortunately most of them are crap.

You can find the best VPN’s on this site

2. The Tor browser

Do not know TOR? It is the browser and network system that allows your internet traffic to become more anonymous, due to a hidden path between yourself and a TOR network node, which allows access to the entire network.

Between each node in the network, another layer of concealing data is added, which is where the TOR name comes from – The Onion Router.

Due to the multiple layers of encryption involved, no one will be able to see which computer internet traffic is actually coming from.

TOR has been around for over 10 years and is the standard when it comes to deep web access and communications. You can download the TOR browser itself from here.

We recommend using a VPN with Tor as Tor is not good enough to hide your identity by itself. Tor has been compromised a couple of times in the past and it will probably happen again at some point in the future.

It is better to be safe than sorry. If you use the VPN with Tor and Tor is compromised, then your data is still encrypted and your location is hidden behind your VPN’s fake IP address so you are still anonymous.

(OPTIONAL for the Tech SAVVY) Tails

What is Tails?

Tails promotes itself as “the amnesic incognito live system,” which is, in reality, it is an operating system stored and running off an external hard drive, usually a USB.

The neat thing about Tails is that it never remembers any operations you do on the system, or on your computer, it only goes through TOR so internet browsing is anonymous, and it hides messages, files, and emails, all using the latest in cryptographic security.

The TOR browser is automatically available on Tails so you just plug in your USB, boot it, and you are good to go.

Download Tails here.

3. Bitcoin

You need bitcoin to buy goods or services on Crypto Market

Crypto Market deals only in Bitcoin – which means that if you want to do any purchasing or become a vendor (since there is a sign-up fee for sellers), you will need to get your hands on some Bitcoin.

Truthfully, you might like to check out what is available on the market first, if you are after something specific.

This way you can check the price of the item in Bitcoins so you know how much to purchase before you go in.

Skip ahead, if that is what you would like to do, or read on, to learn how to buy Bitcoin.Fire up your TOR browser and let’s get started.

Set up an initial Bitcoin wallet

First, you will need to get your hands on a Bitcoin wallet. There are so many types to choose from! Go for a mobile wallet, a desktop wallet, a hardware wallet, a web-based wallet, or even a paper wallet.Have a browse through some of the choices listed at

Buy some Bitcoin

Now you need to buy the Bitcoin to put into your wallet! There are plenty of ways to buy Bitcoin, whether it’s from ATMs, Bitcoin exchanges online, or Meetups. Make sure to use your new wallet address to send your Bitcoin to.
There is a good guide on buying bitcoins here

Get another wallet

The process that we outline requires multiple wallets to ensure that your Bitcoin are as untraceable as possible. Choose a different wallet service and set up another wallet.

Send some Bitcoin from the first wallet to the second, but make sure not to send the whole lot through. This guide is not intended for illegal activities, we are just showing how to be as anonymous as possible so hackers don’t find you.

Get a third wallet and tumble

Choose another different wallet service and set up your third and final wallet. Now you will need to search for a Bitcoin service.

These services grab Bitcoin from everyone and jumble them all together so no one can tell the origin as they are all mixed up.

Using the service, set the Bitcoins to drop in value using time delays and multiple addresses.

You use the service to send to your third wallet from your second wallet – they will let you know the correct address to send to. And that’s it, you have got clean Bitcoins to play with.

Accessing Crypto Market

1. Accessing the Crypto Market is simple once you fire up the VPN and TOR. If you have got the Tails configuration, boot it up, then opens TOR, or if you have TOR plus a VPN then open TOR and start your VPN service.

2. You will then need to enter the Crypto Market URL. This doesn’t look like a regular website address, as hidden services operating on TOR have a .onion extension instead of .net, or .uk, etc.

These onion url’s will only work in the Tor browser, they will not work in normal browsers like chrome, firefox, safari etc.
Crypto Market onion URL: https://cryptomktgxdn2zd.onion

Entering the Crypto Market website

3. Once you have entered the address into your TOR browser you will see a verification page where you will see the Crypto Market Marketplace Content Rules.

You will also need to enter an alphanumeric captcha code, and a (previously generated) entry code before hitting the submit button. You also have the option to View PGP signed Crypto Market address if you wish.

4. You will then be taken to a second verification page which starts with a quote that enclosed the spirit of the Crypto Market. Here you will be asked to enter the nth alphanumeric character of the .onion address that you typed in up the top.

This is to make sure that you’ve got the right website address! Press the Submit button once you have entered it.

Choosing a username and password

5. You are now at the entrance of the Crypto Market. You have the options to choose login, register, 2fa, or forums.

Since it is your first time you will need to click on the registration field. You will be taken to the registration page where you will need to enter a name, password, password confirmation, a pincode, and your currency.

Do not choose a name or password related at all to any other usernames or passwords that you have online anywhere! Similar names or passwords or patterns can be used to trace you later down the track. Write it down on paper and put it in a safe place where no one will find it.

6. YOUR IN!!

Setting up your account

If you have managed to set up your account correctly, then you will now have access to the Crypto Market.

The entry page will open to your messages which contain a mixture of things including information for buyers and vendors, a welcome to the Crypto Market, important information about phishing, and a word about buying Bitcoin too – note that Crypto Market recommends localbitcoins.

Browsing around
From here, you can exit your messages and start to have a browse around. The best way to do this is by clicking on the “home” field and either scrolling down the page for a browse at the latest and greatest purchases available on Crypto Market, or by entering what you are searching for in the search, escrow, ships from, and location fields.

A final word on purchasing
It is always better to choose sellers who offer escrow or guaranteed sales and do not demand that customers finalize early.

Finalize early means the funds are sent straight to the seller’s Bitcoin wallet, whereas with escrow, it is held by Crypto Market until you receive the goods.

If you do decide to finalize early with a new seller, make sure that it is not a big purchase so that you’re not out too much money if you end up getting scammed.

Make sure to check seller’s reputations before buying to avoid scams and fakes, too! We do not recommend buying anything illegal from Crypto Market.