Introduction To Crypto Market

Crypto Market is yet another dark web market based on escrow payment system.

Crypto Market is one of many working dark net markets on the dark web, servicing customers around the world in both legal and illegal wares.

The marketplace is supposedly run by the team behind Silk Road 3.0, another dark net marketplace.

Indeed, the markets are quite similar and even share a forum together, so it is unknown why the two sites are running concurrently – perhaps in the case of one failing.

Tag-lined “the darknet’s most resilient marketplace”, Crypto Market makes bold claims about their site, and it is true that the site is growing after some of the larger marketplaces of yesteryear such as Silk Road, Agora, Evolution, Abraxas and Nucleus disappeared.

Crypto Market has been around for over a year now, released into the wild in February of 2015.

Run out of Russia, as other markets appear to be doing these days to circumnavigate extradition and US federal interference, the market is online around 96% of the time.

What’s Crypto Market like?

Upon landing at the Crypto Market page, you’re greeted with a banner reading:

  • No weapons, explosives or terrorism.
  • No poisons.
  • No illegal porn.
  • No sales to or from Russia.
  • No carding Russian citizens.

You will then need to enter a Captcha code to enter. A second security screen that is designed to avoid phishing attempts decrees “Prison is for rapists, thieves, and murderers.

If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, then you’re the fucking criminal.”, a quote by Joe Rogan, a stand-up comedian.

From there you’re able to register an account with the market. Conveniently, they allow for you to choose to see prices of items in your own currency, via a drop down selector box you use when you sign up.

What’s available on Crypto Market?

Out of 20,000 listings available on Crypto Market about 12,000 of it is drug related.

As like the majority of darknet markets, the majority of listings on Crypto Market are listing for drugs.

This includes items such as cocaine, hash, LSD, speed, marijuana, magic mushrooms, MDMA, and methylphenidate, as well as prescription medicines such as Xanax and Endocet.

Other sellers trade in items such as fake bank notes from various countries, stolen credit card details, and tutorials, accounts for services such as Spotify, Hulu, and Brazzers, hacking courses and more.

What sets Crypto Market apart from its competitors?

Crypto Market is fairly similar to the majority of other darknet escrow markets; however, there are a few features that set it apart.

Automatic shipping address encryption

Crypto Market uses automatic encryption for your shipping address, so you’ll never have to worry about your shipping address being exposed over the wire – no one will be able to unscramble it, even if they’re snooping on you.

Low vendor’s fees

To open a vendor account on Crypto Market won’t cost you a fortune. If you wish to become an Escrow only vendor, the fee is only 0.11 Bitcoin or around $66 USD.

For vendors who wish to use Finalize Early, the fee is steeper, however – 0.42 Bitcoin. Crypto Market charges a commission fee of between 3% and 6% on each sale that you make.

Vendors also do not require a bond to enter the market – which makes it important for buyers to check vendor history before making a purchase, on the chance the vendor disappears with their Bitcoins.


The order of the listings available on the marketplace is by most sold items. These jump to the top of the list. Only listings where the vendors have been online in the last five days and are in stock will be displayed. Listings are charged from $1 USD.

Crypto Market uses Bitcoin only

People with altcoins,instead of Bitcoin will be disappointed that Crypto Market trades only in Bitcoin. This is most likely because it is easier to track everything with only one cryptocurrency.

Search function

Crypto Market’s search function allows you to search for items by name, either with Escrow listings, Finalize Early, or both, and you are also able to select where you would like the items to ship from.

This is a handy feature as many buyers don’t want to risk customs or someone else intercepting mail that is received internationally. By choosing your own country, you’re able to avoid this risk.


The site offers guides for users new to darknet markets under their “Support” section, with items such as “Electrum Wallet Guide,” “Finding a Good Vendor Guide,” and “Security Checklist.” It is important to brush up on guides such as these if you’re going to be buying or selling on the dark web for the first time.


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