Product Listings On The Crypto Market

Crypto Market is another escrow marketplace, made for selling various items both legal and illegal.

What can you buy on the Crypto Market? Is it all the regulars we’ve come to know from other darknet markets? Well, yes and no.

Like most darknet markets, there is trade in both legal and illegal goods and services going on, weighted towards the illegal.

And, like most online marketplaces they’ve got their own set of rules that they abide by – rules for what vendors can sell, which if they don’t comply with, they get kicked off.

So here’s what you can find and what you can’t find on Crypto Market.

A bit of a disclaimer: We don’t condone the buying or selling of illegal products or services.

This article is simply a descriptive guide for people curious about what is traded on the Crypto Market.

As an adult, you should check out the laws for specific items and services in your state before you decide to make any risky purchasing or selling decisions online. Be informed!

Drugs on the Crypto Market

As with most darknet markets, crypto market’s product listings are heavily weighted on the drugs side of things.

This means that you’ll find lots of items such as MDMA and molly, hash, cocaine, heroin, speed, hydroponic marijuana, and prescription medicines like morphine, Xanax, and Adderall.

We even came across a listing for a Halloween party package – no doubt filled with an assortment of different drugs.

Accounts for everything

Cloud accounts are big business these days. That’s why vendors offer items such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Ebay and Brazzers accounts, through to PayPal and credit card accounts, too. These are hacked accounts that will belong to others.

These accounts can then be used to access these services or monetary funds until such time as the fraud is exposed. This is a highly illegal activity – both on the side of the hacker and the side of the purchaser, too.

Other bits and pieces

Along with drugs and accounts, you’re also able to pick up a whole range of other interesting items on Crypto Market such as counterfeit bank notes, tutorials on how to hack Facebook accounts (and WhatsApp, Windows, etc.), cybersecurity and penetration testing guides, vape liquids and more.

What you can’t find on Crypto Market

Crypto Market are as such: no weapons, explosives or terrorism, poisons or illegal porn.

The rules of Crypto Market are as such: no weapons, explosives or terrorism, poisons or illegal porn. And that’s pretty much about it! The only other requirements include no sales to or from Russia and no carding of Russian citizens.

This is likely to ensure that the site doesn’t draw the ire of Russian authorities – a clever move on the marketplace’s part.

Crypto Market is a little bit more generous with its rules than other markets, so if you are looking for a place to trade without as many rules, then the Crypto Market may be your best bet.

The site is relatively easy to search and do business on, and although it’s not the biggest darknet market presently, there is enough trade going on that it’s definitely not small.

Have a look at Crypto Market yourself and see if they’ve got what you’re looking for.


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